Sunday, 19 March 2017

MARK & THE CLOUDS - CUMULUS (Mega Dodo LP, CD, 2 x CD, D/L).

Mark & The Clouds are another of the fantastic British Neo-Psych bands that are totally seeped in the sounds of the UK 60s Beat/Psychedelic scene ………….. If there was ever a band that was a perfect fit for the psychedelically inclined label Mega Dodo, then this band is it. Cumulus, the band’s second album for Mega Dodo, is a total trip that has been influenced by classic British Psych/Beat groups such as The Beatles, The Small Faces and the Kinks etc… would spend a lot of time trying to find anything stunningly original here, but that’s not the point………the album is a blend of timeless, catchy and powerful Psych Pop that 60s RetroHeads will really dig.

Evoking sweaty nights at the Marquee circa 1966 and the more bucolic psychedelia of the following year, Cumulus sees Mark & The Clouds treading the same path as the classic 60s bands……………Brutal, maximum R&B/Freakbeat morphing into more trippy tunes as the band mix up Pretty Things rave ups with more gentle Beatle-esque jangle. The stand out tracks are the Beatles Revolver era influenced ‘On Her Bike’ and ‘Another Grey Morning’ and the harder R&B influenced ‘You’re So Cold’ and ‘Baby, You’re Just A Liar’…………………’s a album of great 60s influenced songs with both bite and subtlety from London’s premier Psych revivalists. Well worth a listen.

Out now on Mega Dodo records, Cumulus is available on limited edition LP, CD (with bonus tracks) and 2 x CD with a bonus disc of Mark & The Clouds set at last years Games For May festival at the Half Moon in Putney. Get your copy direct from the Mega Dodo webstore or their Bandcamp page here…………………………

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