Saturday, 25 March 2017


From Copenhagen’s deep Psychedelic Underground comes a new record from heavy Psych Stoners, Mythic Sunship. On their second album on El Paraiso, the Copenhagen quartet drive even thicker grooves into their niche of extended cave-man fuzz voyages with three epic cuts of extra heavy, smoked out, sprawled out stuff……………break out the bong People and strap in for a wild ride to “out there” and back.

Fuzzed up and freaked out, Mythic Sunship cut a sharp edge into their 10 minutes plus sagas, often churning out tracks with seemingly endless amounts of energy. It’s all here: wild bursts of fuzzy and echo-perplexed guitars, thick Sabbath-esque basslines, and a galloping myriad of drums tossing and turning like a wild beast. As deep and dense as the most opaque dope haze, Land Between Rivers opens with the sprawling 15 minute Kosmik jam ‘Nishapur’ which slowly grinds through the gears at a glacial pace before exploding into shards of swooping and twisting guitars sending sparks flying skywards. With it’s killer riff and interlocking guitars, ‘High Tide’ is a “Dead Head” friendly, West Coast, QMS in space workout………….guitars sparkle and swirl while the rhythm section hold down the bottom end as tight as you like adding fuel to an endless pyre of blazed-out dual fuzz guitar action. It’s a tune that pushes right to the edge, stares into the void but knows when to pull back before it collapses into itself……’s 13 minutes of blissed-out Heavy Psych riff-worshipping that mixes together the freeform jamming of the late 60s with the controlled aggression of modern Psych and it’s a total trip. The albums vapor trail is left by the relatively short (only 6 minutes in length) but stoned immaculate ‘Silt’ bringing the album to a end in a hail of feedback and noise. What Mythic Sunship deliver in raw, untamed energy, is kept in place by their deeply grounded tone, Land Between Rivers was captured in a wooden cabin in the north of Sealand, Denmark, where the band secluded themselves and drove deep, making their release as akin to earthy doom as to spaced-out krautrock - making this feel like the “Götterdämmerung of Scandinavian heavy psych”.

Due for release on 29/04/2017, Land Between Rivers is available to pre-order from the El Paraiso shop here…………………….

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