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Saturday, 16 April 2016


French Psych Pop duo the Limiñanas return with a new album of 60s Garage Punk, Italian Pop, groovy movie soundtrack and 70s Rock inspired tunes and much like their previous record, the 2013 release Costa Blanca, this is mixed with the sweetly swinging tradition of Serge Gainsbourg and the French yé-yé sound of the '60s. Composed of a core of drummer and sometime vocalist Marie Limiñana and bassist, organist, guitarist and vocalist Lionel Limiñana, Malamore has been recorded with a host of guest vocalists and musicians including ex New Order bassist Peter Hook and with its combination of fuzzy organ, half-spoken/half-sung vocals, and vintage production, the band captures the sexy, ultra-hip sound of classic French Pop.

The Limiñanas have been described has having a sound that blends sunny psychedelia with vintage pop but in reality they are far more eclectic…………….Malamore has moments of psychedelic pop bliss with tracks like the sun kissed ‘Paradise Now’ but generally this is an album that comes on like a fuzzed up mix of Serge Gainsbourg, the Velvet Underground, the Jesus & Mary Chain, The Warlocks and Lalo Schifrin. Opening with the widescreen cinematic rush of Athen LA, Malamore exists in a parallel universe where John Cale made albums with Gainsburg/Bardot not Reed/Nico and the Limiñanas are Tarantino’s go-to guys for soundtracking his 60s “Spaghetti Western” influenced movies. There are some really fantastic tracks on this record…………….. ‘Kostas’ and ‘El Beach’ have great “VU in Tangiers” grooves while ‘Prisunic’ and ‘The Dead Are Walking’  are classic French Pop fuzzed out to infinity. Peter Hook brings his distinctive bass sound to the luminous psychedelia of ‘Garden Of Love’. Malamore falls somewhere between classic psychedelic 60s pop and epic acid-fuzz “Wall of Noise meets Wall of Sound” and is a logical progression from the Limiñanas previous record……fans of the band will love this and 60s Garage/Psych heads will dig the classic sounding grooves on this album. Ebbing and flowing from scene to scene Malamore is a magnificently moody cinematic experience, music for the imagination as well as for the ears and possibly quite unlike any other record you will hear this year.

Currently available to pre-order from Amazon, Malamore is due for release next week (22/04/2016) by the Paris/London label Because Music and will be available on both CD and vinyl from all the usual outlets/Because Music webstore.

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