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Wednesday, 4 May 2016


Slipping under the radar a while back was the release of Salutations, the second album by Berlin based New Zealand Psych Rock band Sun And The Wolf. An album worth going back to discover, these nine cuts of excellent neo-Psychedelia continues on from the explosive and overdriven rhythm and blues that their debut White Buffalo boasted, while exploring darker realms of psychedelia and splashes of neo-World sounds.

Firstly, don’t be put off by the terrible cover artwork………with Psychedelia being as visual medium as much as an aural one, Salutations sleeve gives off all the wrong signals looking like the band are a bunch of twee Indie funsters and not a fantastic 80s/90s Psych/Shoegaze influenced band, however you have to admit they avoid all the usual Psych clichés with their choice of cover. Hidden beneath a sleeve that most PsychHeads would skip past while flicking through the racks in a record store, Sun And The Wolf have created an album that mixes together taut, incendiary Indie Rock with a technicolour psychedelic swirl that evokes such early 90s bands as House Of Love, Sun Dial, Levitation, Spiritualized and the early psychedelic EPs from Verve as the band explore the darker realms of fuzz driven psychedelia with catchy riffage and splashes of The Beatles´ lysergic era. It’s time to catch up with Sun And The Wolf……………Salutations boasts some outstanding Indie/Psych tunes, from the epic groove of ‘Settle Down’, the sleek Revolver period Beatles inspired ‘All We Need’, the dreamy ‘Ghetto Drum’ through to the motrik pulse of ‘The Fisherman’ and the squalling Psychedelic Rock of ‘Why Are We Not Fading’ before closing with the blissful ‘Never Sorry’. Somewhat under-appreciated on its initial release, Salutations is a really cool record that is well worth checking out.

Released by the wonderful German label World In Sound, Salutations is still available in a variety of formats…………the CD and vinyl versions are available from the usual outlets and the World In Sound Online store (where there are still a few copies pressed on orange vinyl available) while a digital download can be purchased from the World In Sound Bandcamp page at


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