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Sunday, 29 May 2016


Back in the Spring of 2015 Gas Vintage Records released the really cool debut album from the wild and dirty Italian psychedelic Rock n Roll band Big Mountain County (BMC)……mixing up a whole bunch of influences, BMC referenced Garage Rock, Psychedelic Surf Rock plus the Velvet and Paisley Underground amongst others, Breaking Sound was an accomplished and impressive Psychedelic Rock record (read our review here). Having spent much of the remainder of the year touring the album round mainland Europe, by the time they hit the Locanda Atlantide in Rome last November BMC were tight as you like and firing on all cylinders, fizzing with attitude and adrenalin. Ripping the roof offa th’ mutha, BMC tore through a set that included songs from their last record plus a couple from their debut 7” EP (‘Brain Machine’ and ‘My Time’) and ‘Breakable’, a previously unreleased track……..fortunately the tapes were running and this blistering live show has now been released as a limited edition CD by Area Pirata Records snappily titled Anachronicle.

Played live the songs from Breaking Sound are infused with a kick of high voltage electricity……much of the debut record has a 80s Paisley Underground vibe where the best 60s psychedelia was infused with a Post Punk sensibility……..’I'm Satisfied’, ‘About A Clown’, ‘What Do You Think?’ and the epic ‘Farewell’ all had mood of the early Rain Parade/Dream Syndicate recordings mixed with the more Rock n Roll feel of the later VU records, but now have been souped up and are now more reminicient of high energy Garage/Punk tunes. Anachronicle is buzzing with wild Psych/Garage vibes and the two tracks from their first EP epitomise the dirty, stupid Rock n Roll that came out of the clubs in provincial 1960s USA. Well worth a listen for folks who like their Garage Rock mixed with a bit of Psychedelic Rock finesse.

Anachronicle is out now as a limited edition run of 300 CDs and is available from the Area Pirata Records web store and Bandcamp page at where you can also get the digital download.

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