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Tuesday, 17 May 2016


From their Space Lab held in geo-stationary orbit above the ancient pyramids come further transmissions from the stoned version of the European Space Agency…………the Øresund Space Collective. Crewed by an ever changing company of Psychonauts led by the sonic Shaman Dr. Space, ØSC have been beaming the sounds of cosmos back to Earth for over a decade and Ode To A Black Hole is the 21st release of fully improvised Space Rock from this prolific band. Recorded during the sessions for their last album, the epic Different Creatures (read Strange Things brainthink here), ØSC’s latest release is a radical departure from their usual swirly Prog Rock/Space Rock sound that takes its inspiration from bands such as Ozric Tentacles and also the proto Space Rock of 70s Prog/Psych/Kraut bands such as Gong, early Tangerine Dream, Pink Floyd, Amon Düül II and Space Rock titans, Hawkwind mixed with the freeform jamming of the late 60s West Coast bands like The Dead and QMS……….Ode To A Black Hole is a 52min doom drone jam inspired by UK Stoner Rock/Heavy Psych band BONG.

"Space is infinite, it is dark. Space is neutral, it is cold". 'Ode To A Black Hole' is a very slow evolving piece of music with synth drones, violin, pedal steel, minimal bass and measured, subtle drums combining to create a glacial soundscape from the furthest points of the universe. Split into two parts, this epic track drifts through deep space slowly gaining momentum…………massively atmospheric, 'Ode To A Black Hole' builds layer upon layer of sound until exploding into shards of noise around the 40 minute mark before collapsing back into itself into a spaced out coda of squalling guitars, bubbling synths and Hammond organ. It’s an absolute epic piece of heavy Psychedelic Space Rock, showing a much darker side to ØSC. This track has more in common with the lysergic adventures of cosmic explorers such as Electric Moon than their usual “Quicksilver Messenger Service/The Grateful Dead……In Space” vibe and will no doubt split opinion amongst fans of the band. However, Ode To A Black Hole will also open up the ears to a newer audience of Stoner Rock/Heavy PsychHeads that really can’t get to grips with the intense 70s style West Coast Acid Rock jamming of many of the the previous records but will really dig this gently unfolding trip to beyond the event horizon…………………..It’s a new development in the ever evolving cosmic journey of ØSC and it will be interesting to see where this leads.

Out now on Space Rock Productions, Ode To A Black Hole is available in a variety of formats…………….there is a limited vinyl run of 500 copies (100 on purple vinyl, 200 on magenta vinyl and 200 on good old black vinyl) and 500 copies on CD along with a digital download (in space no one can hear headphone spill). Available from the ØSC Bandcamp page at, ........NB: All the vinyl copies are sold out on the Bandcamp site, however Space Rock Productions releases are available through Sapphire Records in Germany where there are copies available from their web shop along with the CD.

Also new from the Øresund Space Collective is a CD reissue of their 16th album, Organic Earthly Floatation which was originally released 2013 as a vinyl/download only release, with the vinyl edition being long sold out. Featuring all the members of Danish Psychedelic Rock band Papir and American guitarist Daniel Lars, Organic Earthly Floatation is heavily guitar dominated with some amazing melodic, spacey and ripping guitar on four long exploratory tracks. Besides the opening track, 'Walking on Clouds', (an original composition from Daniel Lars), the rest of the tracks were totally improvised and at the time of release this beautifully mellow album was compared to the guitar pyrotechnics of Causa Sui. Including a previously unreleased 38 minute untitled bonus track, Organic Earthly Floatation is reissued by Space Rock Productions and is available now from the Sapphire Records web shop………it’s definitely the “Quicksilver Messenger Service/The Grateful Dead……In Space” incarnation of ØSC that fans of epic, tripped out Acid Rock jams will love.


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