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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

TRANSMISSIONS FROM THE PSYCHEDELIC BASEMENT #4 – Astounding Sounds From Another Dimension. 8pm GMT Saturday 28th May.

TRANSMISSIONS FROM THE PSYCHEDELIC BASEMENT returns on Saturday 28th May with a joint broadcast from THEE PSYCHEDELICATESSEN and ATOM HEART MUTHA. 3 hours of mind bending groovy Psychedelia, Krautrock and kosmik Space Rock from the edge of the universe.

For our 90 minute segment of the show we will be playing a mix of tunes that have landed in our psychedelic basement over the last six months………..we have selected the best of the best, many of the records have been reviewed on Strange Things Are Happening this year. If you check the monthly menus since January you will find the original reviews.

Our “Strange Things” Mix opens with a track from the stunning new Luck Of Eden Hall album The Acceleration Of Time, due for release early June, which we described as “Falling somewhere between early 70s Prog Rock and full blown headswirling Psychedelic Rock, this record really should carry some kind of warning……… exposure to TLoEH’s sprawling double album masterpiece will most certainly lead to a seriously blown mind.” We have selected the album’s opening track ‘Slow’, “a peel of chiming/ticking clocks leading into a squall of swirling guitar and dreamy keyboard swell which sounds not unlike a third cousin, twice removed, of the lead track from the Dukes Of Stratosphear’s seminal mid 80s 25 O’Clock EP”.

We have included two tracks that feature ex-Steppes guitarist John Fallon’s new band  The Laissez Fairs………..‘I Don't Mind’ is a collaboration with Herself (one of the many musical guises of former Lay Llamas member Gioele Valenti) and is taken from the Gleaming EP, a record of “delicate Psych tinted Alt-Folk that summons the ghost of Nick Drake to come and hang with Mercury Rev mixed with a more Psych Rock feel as John Fallon and Joe Lawless from The Laissez Fairs fill in the gaps left in Herself’s lo-fi sketches”. From The Laissez Fairs debut record we have picked the standout track ‘Primrose Hill’ which has the feel of “late 60s Kinks before a surge of guitars push the track to a swirling psychedelic climax”.

All aboard the Love Mobile, it’s the Liquid Scene and “riffing off the intro to ‘Dear Prudence’, ‘Hey Moondog’ is an epic hallucinogenic journey to the centre of the mind” and from Sons Of The Void the lysergically warped ‘Don't Forget To Prey’………” it’s as if pop history has been rewritten and the Byrds made lo-fi records with Timothy Leary”. Back in the 90s Sons Of The Void David Max was a member of the fantastic Tadpoles……….after digging the SotV album we picked up the “best of” album Use With Headphones Late At Night and have selected the stunning track ‘Race You To The Mustard Patch’……….in our original review we pondered “After hearing this we must now go and check out the Tadpoles records from the 90s………if they are anywhere as good as this, they are going to be pretty special”……….and yes, they are. We have also picked a couple of obscurities from the first two releases from the ace Mega Dodo Singles Club………from The Honey Pot, ‘Into The Deep’ is the B-Side of their dreamy ‘Lisa Dreams’ single and is “a slow burning, darker, more menacing acid fried Psych number underpinned by rumbling bass and groovy drums. Imagine the Doors at their lysergic, swampiest, slinkiest best…….it’s a total trip” and from Finnish PsychHeads Octopus Syng, ‘Reverberating Garden Number 7' is a lycergic swirl of 60s inspired Psych. The track is also included on their new album Hollow Ghost/Rochelle Salt which we will be reviewing soon on Strange Things.

From our German friends World In Sound Records we have tracks from the recently reissued lost gem by the much travelled psychedelic explorer Imaad Wasif and the Berlin based NZ Indie/Psych band Sun And The Wolf…………………….. Strange Hexes by Imaad Wasif with Two Part Beast was a “tense, trippy collection of songs that become fiercely emotional explorations” and “unbelievably intense with sparkling, raga-influenced guitar and a mystic bent” which unfortunately dropped right off the radar. It has always been a mystery why this fantastic record disappeared without trace with only a few Psych Rock heads ever hearing it. We have mixed into our 90 minutes of psychedelic groove ‘Unveiling’, “an absolute face melter of a track, incorporating Eastern modal tunings and drones slowly unfolding into a blistering guitar workout”. Sun And The Wolf mix together “taut, incendiary Indie Rock with a technicolour psychedelic swirl that evokes such early 90s bands as House Of Love, Sun Dial, Levitation, Spiritualized and the early psychedelic EPs from Verve as the band explore the darker realms of fuzz driven psychedelia with catchy riffage and splashes of The Beatles´ lysergic era” Although their most recent album, Salutations, has some of the worst cover artwork we have seen for many a year, it contains nine cuts of excellent neo-Psychedelia……..we have picked the squalling Psychedelic Rock of ‘Why Are We Not Fading’ for the fourth instalment of Transmissions From The Psychedelic Basement.

Psychic Lemon’s headswirler of a debut record is a “relentless sonic assault from start to finish only letting up for a moment for the Floydian shimmer of ‘Analogue Summer’” which we have included in our mix………..there are also tracks from other new bands that are starting to turn Heads (on). We have also picked tunes from Greek Garage/Psych trio Screaming DEad Balloons, Spanish Neo-Psych band Stay (think Kula Shaker if they were not absolute rubbish…….Stay have actually got some corking tunes and ‘Mind Blowing’ is…..err…..mind blowing) and Norwegian Psych Rockers Mayflower Madame who’s debut album is “infused with all the dark intensity of the great 80s Psych/Goth records but not sounding out of place with any of the more recent Psych releases” and ’Lovesick’ is not unlike “Echo & The Bunnymen covering Bauhaus with sparkling guitars blended with a real sense of menace”. We have also included a pair of top tracks from the much less obscure Bardo Pond and The Liminanas in an attempt to garner mass market appeal………Thee Psychedelicatessen sell out!!!

Plastic Crimewave - He’s a guy, he’s a band, he’s a multi-coloured forward-thinking arthole of Tardis Dementions. He’s a Futuretro freak, he’s a sibilant gas, he’s a rock’n roll-a-holic” and who are we to disagree the Arch Drude, Julian Cope……..writer, artist, creator of the beloved psychedelic magazine Galactic Zoo Dossier, musician and arguably the Godfather of the current fertile Chicago Psych scene, Plastic Crimewave (aka Steve Krakow) has been making seriously far out records for the best part of 20 yrs. He has a new band, Plastic Crimewave Syndicate whose self-titled second album “comprises of six heavy and transcendental compositions which take inspiration from the relentless riffing of early Loop, the Kosmic Punk chaos of Chrome and Guru Guru and the 70s Space Rock adventures Hawkwind as they explore the outer dimensions of their sound”. To finish off our 90 minute selection of tunes we have picked the 10 minute ‘Void of Eternity’, “destined to be a stoner classic……….a spliff odyssey so dense and unremitting it sucks all the sweet smelling vapour out of the room as you dissolve into your sofa, stoned immaculate”.

There you go People………90 minutes of top notch psychedelic sounds. Transmissions From The Psychedelic Basement will be available to live stream at 8pm GMT at with a repeat on the USA Internet station Grip Of Delusion radio the next day……….we are not sure of the transmission time as GOD moves in mysterious ways, so check our FB and Twitter for actual times. The whole 3hours will then be available via the Atom Heart Mutha Mixcloud site to listen to whenever you want.


Full Track Listing For Thee Psychedelicatessen’s Strange Things Mix

The Luck Of Eden Hall - Slow
Herself & The Laissez Fairs - I Don't Mind
The Liquid Scene - Hey Moondog
The Laissez Fairs - Primrose Hill
Sons Of The Void - Don't Forget To Prey
Octopus Syng - Reverberating Garden Number 7
Psychic Lemon - Analogue Summer
The Honey Pot - Into The Deep
Mayflower Madame - Lovesick
The Liminanas - Kostos
Screaming DEad Balloons - Take Me Up
Sun And The Wolf - Why Are We Not Fading
Stay - Mind Blowing
Imaad Wasif - Unveiling
Tadpoles - Race You To The Mustard Patch
Bardo Pond - Pumori
Plastic Crimewave Syndicate -Void Of Eternity

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