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Saturday, 14 May 2016


Towards the end of last century Vibravoid left the planet in their retro-fitted psychedelic starship, set the controls for the heart of the sun and ever since they have since been on an ongoing mission to turn on tune in and freak out, seeking new highs and revelations, turning on the universe on one planet at a time. After 25 years of beaming far out 60s influenced Psych Rock records back to Earth, they have dipped into their extensive back catalogue for an introspection of the years 2000-2013 which cover their far out releases for the very groovy Stoned Karma Records. Psychedelic Blueprints collects together 13 remastered tracks that could be described as a “Best Of”, which is a total gas and an essential purchase for fans of classic 60s psychedelia that are new to the tripped out sound of Vibravoid.

For the discerning PsychHead, what’s not to love about Vibravoid???………..all the key elements of the perfect 60s inspired psychedelic band are all here: fuzzed out guitars….check, swirling Farfisa organs…check, swinging sitars…check, groovy drums and bass holding down a steady but danceable backbeat…check, trippy phasing…check and lysergic lyricism…check. Together it’s a massive rave up down the U.F.O. Club circa 1967 which channels the best of early Pink Floyd, July, Tomorrow, Kaleidoscope along with a dash of the classic “Nuggets” bands such as the Seeds and Electric Prunes. There are some absolutely stunning tracks on this compilation including the cool tribute to Sky Saxon ‘Eruptions Of The Green Sun’ where typical studio trickery of1967 is reanimated, the Psych Pop headswirler ‘Doris Delay’and a mind blowing ‘Random Generated Future’ which contains a psychedelic instrumental part that could have come straight out of the Summer Of Love. In addition to the 60s inspired fuzzed up Psych Pop tunes, Psychedelic Blueprints contains some of Vibravoid’s more experimental sonic adventures including the acid drenched ‘The Politics Of Ecstasy’, the more abstract ‘Void Vibration’ and Spacemen 3 sound-alike ‘Save My Soul’ which is a psychedelic gospel song that evolves into an orgy of noise while setting the landmark for the abundant use of Mellotron and fuzz guitar. Designed to turn on new listeners to the majestic psychedelic splendour of Vibravoid, Psychedelic Blueprints certainly delivers the goods.

Released on CD/Download by Stoned Karma on 27th May, Psychedelic Blueprints will be available from all the usual outlets and is available to pre-order now from the Stoned Karma website. Dig it kidz and turn on, tune in and trip out with Vibravoid.


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