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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

GENTLEMENS - HOBO FI (Area Pirata Records LP, CD, D/L). LE CAROGNE - TRIODO (Area Pirata Records LP, CD, D/L).

Strange things are happening in Italy…………Fresh of the press and out now via Area Pirata Records are a couple of great mashed up Garage, Punk Rock Blues and Rock ‘n’ Roll records from The Gentlemens and Le Carogne. Spitting and snarling with Rock ‘n’ Roll attitude, Punk energy and Garage Rock rawness they are both full throttle records………both runaway crazy trains of primitive beats and maximum fuzz.

Hailing from Ancona, The Gentlemens are a no nonsense, back to basics Punk Rock Blues trio that sound like a bar fight between The Cramps and the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Their debut album Hobo Fi is a raucous affair with 13 tracks of maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll guaranteed to blister paint on the walls of any sweaty basement blues dive. It’s a raw and visceral record of primal guitars and drums………..The Gentlemens don’t pull punches and don’t take prisoners as they tear though a bunch of fantastic high octane bluesy Garage/Punk tunes. It’s a 100 miles per hour joy ride in a stolen convertible with a body in the trunk………..the stand out tracks have to be the fuzz ‘n’ feedback soaked ‘You Move Me’, the Lux and Ivy inspired primordial Blues of ‘Candy Man’, ‘Black Soldier’ with it’s dirty and distorted riffing and the hectic ‘I Said No’. It’s a cool record……’s the Black Keys before they hit pay dirt, a slightly less scuzzy Cramps, the Blues Explosion ripped off their tits and Pretty Lightning after giving up acid for Lent. Check it out People.

Hobo Fi is out NOW on Area Pirata Records and has been released on limited edition vinyl and CD (300 copies of each format) with a digital download also available. You can get the album from either the Area Pirata webstore or Bandcamp site where you can stream the tunes. Also check the usual Garage/Psych online retailers and if you are lucky, you know a store that stocks the finest Italian Garage Rock.

Driven by Doorsy keys, Le Carogne are a great party band. Playing an infectious blend of Garage Punk, Surf Rock and energetic Rock ‘n’ Roll their latest “Italian Job” Triodo blows the roof offa’ tha mutha (and they were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!!!!!). Swirly and very groovy, Le Carogne channel the best of the last fifty years of Garage/Psych and distill it into short, sharp danceable tunes………’s an LP recorded by a band that obliviously have real love and affection for  the genre. Some great tunes here kidz…….’Di Tutti I Colori’ is straight outta a 60s rave up with Freakbeat organ and guitar underpinned by some great drumming and inventive bass playing while ‘Altrove’ is a cool dance floor filler that chugs along nicely. Although the songs are sung more or less all in Italian, ‘Nightime’ is a Neo-Psych headswirler which features Debora Costa as guest singer mixing up English and Italian in Le Carogne’s Space Lab, which is probably the most accessible track here for non-Italian speakers. Although Triado does not win many points for originality, its a very groovy floor filler that’s a great listen for Garage/Psych fans………….a record well worth spending some time with.

Out NOW on limited edition vinyl/CD and selling fast. Again, you can buy the album from either the Area Pirata webstore or Bandcamp site where you can stream the tunes/buy the download. As before, also check the usual Garage/Psych online retailers and clued up record stores.

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