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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

SUN DIAL – MADE IN THE MACHINE (Sulatron Records 2 x LP, CD).

Back with a new studio album for the first time in an absolute age, legendary UK Neo-Psych Godfathers Sun Dial follow up their Psych Rock/Krautrock/Space Rock juggernaut of a record, Mind Control, with the astonishing Made In The Machine, out soon on Sulatron Records. Still exploring the same themes as Mind Control, Made In The Machine delves even deeper into the surrealistic worlds of sci-fi and Space Rock with a hard electronic edge and like the previous album “It’s an album that pushes hard at the boundaries of Space Rock taking the listener to a point in the galaxy where atmospheric electronic soundscapes, motorik grooves and languid guitars converge in a molten mix of psychedelic sounds”. A band always ahead of the curve and as John Sinclair (legendry activist and one time manager of the MC5) declared, Sun Dial are “a modern day rarity as they have never compromised and always done things on their own terms” Not ones for following, but always innovating and Made In The Machine can be considered as one of the possible futures for psychedelic music.

If you liked Mind Control then the new Sun Dial record is going to blow your mind………it’s mix of modern Space Rock and forward thinking Krautrock over two slabs of vinyl is miles ahead of the bands who are still trying to get their heads round Neu! 75, Space Ritual and the debut Suicide album. Opening with the howl of an Air Raid siren, ‘Meltdown’ sets the tone with driving beats and pulsing synths, a vibe which spills into the next track ‘Contact’. However with the liquid nature of Sun Dial they are difficult to tie down to a particular “sound”…….Made In The Machine also twists and turns through the disco on Mars groove of ‘Ascension’, the frantic ‘Spacedust’, the Techno thrust of ‘Aurora’, the heavy, twisted, dark Psych of ‘Regenerator and epic Astral soundscaping on ‘Autopilot’. It’s stupefyingly good and no doubt destined to appear on most end of year “best of” lists. Sun Dial albums don’t come along very often nowadays, but when they do it has been well worth the wait……..Made In The Machine is everything Mind Control is……and more. 

Released by Sulatron Records as 2 x clear vinyl LP limited to 500 copies in December, however the CD will be available on the 14th October……………..check the Sulatron web site as there may be pre-orders for the vinyl available soon. No doubt also available everywhere else………c’mon, it’s Sun Dial and any Psych friendly store worth their salt are gonna be carrying this.

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