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Thursday, 6 October 2016

THE BARBACANS – A MONSTROUS SELF-PORTRAIT (Boss Hoss Records/Area Pirata Records LP).

With a gigantic wave of fuzzed up guitar, wailing Farfisa organ and a cool rhythm section, The Barbacans are a Garage band……….they come from Garageland………they have the spirit of The Seeds and ? & The Mysterions, the essence of Nuggets, the Psych/Punk vibe of the Damned appearing as Naz Nomad & The Nightmares and the Tone of both Flesh and Fuzz. Coming to a groovy record store near you very soon is The Barbacans’ third album, titled A Monstrous Self-Portrait, it is a blast of classic and timeless Psych, Surf and Garage Rock.

As with their previous albums, Italian Garage Punks The Barbacans have a sound that has seeped through a crack in time from the suburbs of Anywheresville USA sometime around 1966………raw, psychotic and very snotty………and it’s brilliant. The Barbacans are kindred spirits to the wave of 80s Post Punk Psych/Garage bands that had just stumbled across Pebbles and had their minds blown. It is obvious that they have a love for the music from the mid 60s, however they put their own spin on it and are not trying to rewrite ’96 Tears’. The stand out tracks have to be the swirly tripped out ‘Apocalypse Horses’, the very groovy ‘Next Garden’, the fuzzed to max with added sax Surf Rock stomper ‘Black Friday’ and the berserk ‘4-2-BBQS’……… A Monstrous Self-Portrait may be short and sweet clocking in just around the 30 minute mark but what’s not to love here??? With rolling bass and fantastic drumming creating a solid foundation for spiralling organ and more fuzz than Don King’s afro, if you dig Lenny Kaye’s original Nuggets compilation and the other classic Garage/Psych records that followed in its wake, then you need to check this
Due out on the 17th October, A Monstrous Self-Portrait is a vinyl only release limited to 300 copies……….available via the Coypu Records store, the Area PirataRecords website and Bandcamp page here (where you can also stream the album) and all very groovy Garage Rock vinyl emporiums world-wide.

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