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Saturday, 8 October 2016


From the home of some of the finest 60s inspired psychedelia, Mega Dodo Records, comes a brand new album from trippy Philadelphia acid heads The Orange Drop due to land early next month. Stoned In Love is a kaleidoscopic whirl of Orange Sunshine inspired psychedelia mined from the same psychedelic rock face that the Brian Jonestown Massacre have been extracting precious stones for quite a while. Mix in a strong early Floyd influence and lysergic freakouts then you get a groovy record that mixes the experimental with a solid Pop Psych foundation that will blow minds and give the third eye a good squeegee.

If you are looking for comparisons, The Orange Drop inhabit the same paisley planet with bands such as Asteriod #4, Elephant Stone, Kingdom Of The Holy Sun, Holy Wave and The Luck Of Eden Hall where the 60s are a starting point and not a destination, blending dreamy psychedelia with some darker, acid-soaked sounds. Half of the songs on Stoned In Love are modern Psychedelic Rock songs that fans of BJM will have an affinity with, but when The Orange Drop fly, they really fly. Laying down a marker where they are at, ‘Part 2’ is a slow burning instrumental with soaring Gilmour-esque guitar and The Orange Drop have covered Pink Floyd’s ‘Julia Dream’ (a post-Syd B-Side written by Richard Wright that most people will know from Relics) and have swirled the absolute shit outta it………the Floyd vibe is also evident on the tripped out to oblivion ‘The Curse Of Kukaku’ which shares some DNA with ‘Echoes’ and is an absolute headswirler of track which is no doubt the best cut on an album full of great songs. This is possibly the best Mega Dodo release this year, so do yourself a favour PsychHeads and check this beauty out, stoned in love indeed………….Turn on, Tune In and Trip Out with The Orange Drop.

Stoned In Love is due for release the 4th November on limited edition Orange Vinyl (250 copies) or CD (just in time for you to drop acid, play this fantastic record and watch pretty fireworks………..other leisure activities are available). Available from the usual groovy on line outlets and record stores or from Mega Dodo direct (there is no news yet about pre-release sales yet, so keep ‘em peeled People).

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