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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

PAUL MARCANO & LIGHTDREAMS – 10,001 DREAMS (Got Kinda Lost Records 2 x LP, CD).

Spanish re-issue label Guerssen Records are the custodians of the great Psychedelic Lost And Found Dept., searching in dark, dusty corners for oddities and obscurities from long gone imprints and releasing records, lovingly repackaged, that would otherwise remain mainly unheard. One such album is 10,001 Dreams by Canadian musician Paul Marcano, originally a very limited cassette only release in 1982 which gets a first time 2 x LP issue with remastered sound complete with in-depth liner notes and previously unseen photos in collaboration with the Got Kinda Lost imprint. The album is thematic sequel of sorts to the Islands In Space (also re-issued by Got Kinda Lost), released under the moniker LightDreams, which was a sci-fi Psych odyssey exploring cosmic ideology and space travel………..mixing sometimes minimal Prog Folk and meditative guitar workouts with Marcano edging closer lyrically to the utopian outer space colonization he’d previously conjured while under the sway of physicist/space activist/author Gerard K. O’Neill, 10,001 Dreams would have at the time been considered a New Age album, more likely to have been on sale with healing crystals, Tarot Cards and the I Ching in holistic….er…..”alternative lifestyle” shops than in record stores. Although originally landing in the wrong decade, time has been kind to 10,001 Dreams and as mentioned in the liner notes the album is “a perfect distillation of Paul Marcano’s musical essence: thoughtful, psychedelic, pop-oriented music but with a deeply progressive ear for song structure and the intuitive glow of a well-crafted lyrical refrain” with the record’s themes still resonating today and its psychedelic style back in vogue.

Filled with atmospheric, lysergic creations atop a hybrid of sounds from the Cosmic-Psych/Progressive-Folk/New Age spectrum, 10,001 Dreams has been previously described as “a wild, lysergic-filled journey into pan-delic Psych and guitar workouts, stretching our understanding of Pop-Psych and bursting our tiny minds with visions of unfound landscapes. It is thee underground psychedelic masterpiece from Canada; released 15 years too late on a format no one cared about and relegated to absolute obscurity shortly thereafter”. With the use of found sounds and minimal instrumentation the album is an experimental, seriously psychedelic proto-ambient record in parts and with an “infinite” multi-tracked sound, sections of the record has the same feel as Steve Hillage’s Rainbow Dome Music with mellow, wickedly fuzzed, floating layers of dreamy, treated, atmospheric electric guitar. This more experimental edge is melded with a laid back 60s Acid Folk vibe not a million miles away from Donovan and Tyrannosaurus Rex with both expertly blended layers of sound and sparse solo guitar. Paul Marcano’s 10,001 Dreams is a wonderfully evocative record and a beautifully tranquil trip with a great nod to the original British Psychedelic and Progressive eras, while maintaining a firm foot in hook-based, melodic Psychedelic Folk’n’Pop, and is a guaranteed treasure for those searching for unheard and otherworldly joys. Paul still makes music today and you can find more information on the LightDreams web site here

10,001 Dreams is available as limited edition CD or 2 x vinyl LP (500 copies of each format) with a download coupon of the 90-minute unexpurgated 1982 cassette release, which required minor revisions to be presented as a double album. Out NOW, you can buy the in the USA from the Got Kinda Lost online shop or from the Guerssen web store/Bandcamp page for Europe and elsewhere. Alternatively, see if you can get your local record store proprietor to order you a copy.

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